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Are banks training their customers to be Phished?

When booking travel for our second trip to Europe this year,  the badly tuned Falcon Fraud Manager triggered for both of our payment cards again. It blocked Isabelle’s card and sent out an alert for mine. This itself is bad enough, but how they both banks are then verifying the transaction seems like a recipe for setting up their customers to be phished via the phone.

About 12 hours or so after booking travel I received a voice mail saying they had detected a potentially fraudulent transaction on my credit card, and it asked me to call back the number 1-888-918-7313.


It’s time to fire the Stanford Federal Credit Union

The reason why I am firing them is their Visa Card, and the fact that it is incredibly unreliable outside of the State of California. The good news is that after spending over an hour on the phone with the SFCU and companies working for them, I now understand why. And as a result I would not recommend anyone who does a significant amount of travel to bank with the Stanford Federal Credit Union at this time.

The event that triggered this post was me picking up my rental car when arriving in Europe. A very friendly representative told me that unfortunately my visa card was declined when trying to charge a $700 deposit on the account. That was odd. The card usually operates as a debit card (with either signature or pin based transactions) and the account had well over $10k on the account. It was also odd as I had used the same card at the same agency 9 months before without problems.