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Trying out Google Wave

Google-Wave-logoThanks to an invite from Garrett I gave Google Wave a spin today. There definitely is a lot of demand for something like Wave. Today my number one workflow and productivity app is email. I spend about 2 hours on it per day (according to RescueTime) and this doesn’t even count usage of it on the iPhone. Given how central it is for my productivity, it is pathetic how little it has improved over the past decade. Other than better embedding of media (images, PDF) and more reliable IMAP synchronization there really isn’t much of a difference between my mail client today and what I was using in 1999.

There are a number of alternatives to email for collaboration and communication, but none of them quite work yet. IM is real-time (good) but functionality is very limited (it lacks open APIs, no forwarding or other routing, no rich media). The social networks have built-in messaging, but the user interface is terrible. Wiki’s and Google Docs are great for collaboration, but have no messaging component.