Photo Gallery: H1N1 Flu Shot Clinic in Sunnyvale

I spent the morning in line for Flu Shots at the Valley Health Center in Sunnyvale where Santa Clara County had one of their free Flu Shot Clinics. Reportedly the main target group of such Clinics are residents that “do not have insurance or any other way of getting the vaccine” (quote from KTVU). For the limited sample size of people that were in line with me that didn’t seem to be the case. We had three people working on Laptops next to each other and I would guess there is a strong correlation between owning a MacBook Pro and having medical insurance.

Sunnyvale Police and Santa Clara County Deputies (about 15 of them) where out in force to manage the crowd that was well north of a thousand. From what I could tell,  people that came early (i.e. before 9am) and did get shots, even if they were not in a priority group.

For more, see the H1N1 Flu Clinic Photo Gallery.

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  1. sara

    can you tell me when do they will give h1n1 in dec in sunnyvale clinic and what time we have to be there

  2. sara

    anyone there to tell me


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