Monthly Archive: August 2008

SIGCOMM Best Demo Award and other News

Currently the main thing I am working on at Stanford is the OpenFlow Standard. OpenFlow basically allows a software that is running on a commodity PC, to remotely control the flow table and thus the entire routing functionality of a switch (see the excellent white paper). This is a very interesting application for networking, as it allows researchers or start-ups to build new technologies in this space. Think of it as the Facebook API for the networking world. If it takes off, it will lead to a lot of innovation in this space.

Last week we presented a demo of using OpenFlow to migrate game servers in real time (and while people play games on them) across different IP subnets at SIGCOMM 2008. The demo received rave reviews and won the Best Demo Award by a wide margin. I will post more about the Demo and other OpenFlow news on the OpenFlow Blog soon. This week we also held the first OpenFlow tutorial at HOT Interconnects at Stanford (organized by our own John Lockwood this year – great work John!). It was well received and we learned some good lessons how we can improve it in the future.

Congratulations Sundar and Seth!

The 2008 MIT Technology Review list of top innovators under 35 came out today,  Sundar Iyer and Seth Hallem, both fellow Stanford Ph.D. students, made the list this year, and I am very happy for both of them. Sundar has had a profound impact on how buffers for high-speed routers work, and Seth has changed what is considered best practice for code checking. Both have also founded great start-up companies in the process.

Congratulations Sundar and Seth!

Update: As Sundar points out, Stanford CS faculty Andrew Ng and former Ph.D. student Meridith Ringel Morris also made the list. Congratulations here as well!

EIR at Morgenthaler Ventures

A few people mentioned that they were suprised about my move to Stanford after leaving Voltage. This post should be a lot less suprising: I am joining Morgenthaler Ventures as a part-time Entrepreneur in Residence. Spending a day a week at Morgenthaler Ventures is a very synergistic combination. The exposure to bleeding edge technology in Stanford helps understanding entrepreneurial opportunities. Vice versa seeing the hard technical problems that portfolio companies face helps define meaningful new research areas. And while some of you may not have heard of them before, Morgenthaler is a great firm to work with.